FBA Mentor Program breaks the Amazon FBA business down into small steps and shows you how to climb them one by one for success.

Learn proven strategies, gain focus execution, join a community of like-minded business people and rewire your brain for new and great achievements.

How much money do I need?

You need way less money than you might think you need to start an FBA business. In general we recommend to have as much money left for your inventory as you invest in education. If you spend $479 for the first program you should have the same amount left for inventory.

Do I have to be in the US?

The biggest Amazon countries are the US, UK, Germany, Japan and Australia. However since FBA is Fulfillment by Amazon, you don’t need to be physically in those countries. Amazon accepts sellers from 106 countries.

What do I get?

Full guidance from opening up your Amazon seller account and your legal entity through how to find sellers and what to say to those suppliers. We’ll navigate you through the wholesale world and show you how to keep your sales up.

Is it risky?

A big part of the course is product research. We want that each of your investments has minimal to no risk. You’ll learn how to make sure your product will actually be bought and to invest in markets that are not oversaturated.

How does it work?

Watch our lessons, join the exclusive group chat, follow the course process and you will skyrocket a career as Amazon FBA seller.

Do you provide tools?

You’ll get access to our exclusive supplier list (almost 100) of companies we have worked with before. No need for you to build up new connection, but you’ll also be able to buy directly from our wholesale company KZ International

50+ In-Depth Lessons

Learn EVERYTHING you need to succeed as FBA seller.
  • Prerequisites 7 Lessons
  • Business Entity 02:40
  • Business Bank Acct 02:26
  • Diff Levels of Funds 04:00
  • Amzn Seller Set Up Coming Soon
  • How to Avoid Suspensions 06:50
  • Website Setup 03:32
  • Expectations 02:35
  • Watch Videos + Take Notes 00:55
  • Watch Seller University 01:29
  • How the Business Works 01:34
  • Bi-weekly Payouts 03:53
  • Navigating Seller Central 07:34
  • Hardest Part of the Biz 01:41
  • Diff Types of Suppliers + Compliance 04:54
  • Good Vs Bad Suppliers 08:17
  • Top Ten Wholesale 06:02
  • Wholesale Central 06:57
  • Finding Suppliers 04:36
  • Finding Vendors 04:41
  • Find Vendors with Google Maps 08:32
  • Opening Wholesale Accounts 04:11
  • Your First Purchase Order 04:53
  • Ship to Amzn Vs You 03:00
  • Reading Spreadsheets Vs Websites Coming Soon
  • Forms of Payments 01:53
  • Buybox 10:16
  • Softwares + Extensions 06:14
  • Requirements for Investments 06:04
  • Steps of Product Research 09:57
  • Making a PO 04:53
  • Adding Your First Item 02:00
  • Gatings 04:15
  • Batteries and Dangerous Goods 07:05
  • Your First Shipment Plan 09:24
  • How Inventory flows/moves 02:03
  • Keep Sales Flowing/ Buybox Management 06:13
  • Passive Vs Aggressive Buybox-keeper Coming Soon
  • Limited Restock 01:40
  • Cashflow 04:09
  • Reconciliations 03:14
  • Stranded Inv/unfulfillable Inv 02:39
  • Inventory Ipi 02:45
  • Dealing With Suspensions 06:50
  • Multiple Accounts 04:44
  • Flipping Business Model Vs Consistent Scaling 03:27
  • Working W/ Kz International 01:54
  • Taxjar 02:39

Learn the way that best suits you

Online e-learning platform

Online learning platform

Watch our training in 1080p HD, listen to mp3 audio recordings or read the text transcripts. You can access our content online from any desktop, anywhere in the world, any you like.

Interactive seller community

Join a growing community of like-minded marketeers all over the world. Do not just use them to exchange knowledge, but meet up to build together. Learning is better together. Find inspiration, ask questions, build collaborations, make friends and have fun on your journey.



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Amazon FBA Course™

$ 279 Pre Sale Price

  • ($799) Amazon FBA Education
  • ($99) Supplier Leads List
  • ($599) Access to KZ International Inventory
  • ($897) Telegram Community Chat
$1497 Everyday Price
Sale Price: $279
Lifetime Access

Other benefits you’ll enjoy

The Exclusive Amazon FBA Community

Half of success is what you know, the other half is who you know. You’ll get access to a private community of FBA students and pros.

Product Research Cheat Sheets

Always make sure your product will actually be bought and to invest in markets that are not saturated.

Supplier Lead List

You’ll get access to our exclusive supplier list (almost 100) of companies we have worked with before. No need for you to build up new connection.


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