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Great Job - You’re Booked In


1) Save the date and time in your diary and set notifications.

Don’t become one of those people who gets caught up in the day-to-day activities and forgets about important appointments.

My coaches WILL be live on the call at the exact date and time you booked in for.

Please respect their time by showing up at your chosen date and time.

We recommend being ready for your call 5-10 minutes earlier than your chosen time, so you can think about the questions you need answered, your goals, and any problems you’re currently facing with your marketing.

2) Be prepared to have fun and take notes

Make the most of this session. It’s not every day that you get to discuss YOUR business with some of the world’s top marketing experts.

(I know they’re experts because I work with these people every day, and I only hire the best.)

Make sure you have a pen and paper handy, because you don’t want to forget any of the golden nuggets shared on the call.

Just one good idea or insight could dramatically shift your business trajectory over the coming year.

3) Show up energised, ready to rock and roll and have a blast!

We’re At The Dawn Of A New Era Of E-Commerce… Your Ability To Build a Brand Will Be The Single Biggest Factor In The Future Success Of Your Business. Let Us Assist And Help You Step Up To The Next Level.

Who is Rene Lacad?

…and how did I build multiple 7 figure companies at age 26?

Over the last 5 years I’ve taught thousands of everyday regular people how to start their own businesses and Ecommerce brands.

But it wasn’t an easy journey…

While attending a local college in 2013, I realized I wasn’t happy in the classroom. I decided to dropout and join the workforce to get real world experience.

I worked as a dishwasher for $8 an hour, I worked at the mall folding clothes, and I bounced around from job to job until I found myself doing sales at a Fortune 500 company where I was able to find my first taste of success.

The life changing breakthrough I was looking for was when I found my first mentor, a well known entrepreneur and digital marketing pioneer.

I learned the secrets to starting businesses from scratch, marketing them on social media, and scaling them to 7 figures.

Using this blueprint I started my own company, a digital marketing agency, and scaled it to 7 figures.

If you can do it once, you can do it again. I realized that anyone could follow my blueprint step by step to get their own results.


Success Stories

Johnny Stephene – “Building up a Brand”

1.4m Followers on Instagram

NBA trainer Dribble2Much (who’s trained the likes of Chris Paul, Anthony Davis, and Drake) shares how Rene helped build his brand.

Josh Paler Lin – “Scaling With Paid Ads”

3.4m Followers on Youtube

Youtuber Josh Paler Lin tells how Rene helped him to sell his Online Course on how to become a Youtuber.

Nick Fitzgerald – “Rene, the Creative Mind”

Online Marketing Entrepreneur

E-Commerce Entrepreneur Nick Fitzgerald has worked with Rene on multiple different E-Commerce projects that have done 7 figures.

Shye & Aishah – “New Approaches”

400K Followers on TikTok

Shye & Aishah learned completely new approaches like “equity deals” from Rene that helped to grow their business.

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