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Rene Lacad is Helping Aspiring Entrepreneurs Build Profitable Ecommerce Stores While Scaling to 6 & 7 Figures

Rene Lacad has generated over  $25,000,000+  in online revenue with multiple companies and currently teaches more than 5000+ students around the world with his programs.


Here‘s What You’ll Learn in This Free Training:

Once you’ve completed the mentorship program you’ll be ready to scale your business to the moon and further. It’s the combination of all four crucial parts forming the blueprint.

Four steps are mandatory for your success.

Remember: You need to “execute” all four together – otherwise you’re just stuck in the outer zone…

#1: Find a Product


Streamline the process by narrowing the focus of your business idea to a specific product or service.


#2 Launch your business


Write a mission statement, a vision statement, and a value statement. Create a logo and slogan for your company.


#3 Market your product


Learn how to successfully run ads on social media, how to create content, and how to do affiliate outreach the right way.


#4 Scale your business


Find the right people to hire for your company, ship cost-efficient and fast, and most importantly make your customers happy.

What Makes This Mentorship So Successful?

There really is no “secret” to it – me and my team are simply super-attentive to details and solely focused on results. Here’s what 93% of our clients say were the most instrumental ingredients to their success:

Product Success

We’ve developed a process on how to find the perfect product for you. By following practical step-by-step instructions, you’ll be able to decide on what to sell and where to get it without having to break the bank.


Social Media

Without any customers, businesses can never leave the ground. We’ll help you discover creative ways to market your products using social media. Get access to technical skills like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Influencer Marketing and more.

Speed of Execution

We want our students to take action, so we make sure they start their business as soon as possible. We know that the “law of inertia” is important when starting something new, so the key is to get the ball rolling and keep the momentum.

Building Systems

It’s difficult to have free time if you’re doing all the work. By building systems around cash flow, hiring, scaling, and business development, you’ll be able to automate your business, meaning more free time to do what you want.


5 Star Mentorship

No matter how good a training is, there will always be questions. No need to worry, you’ll have to millionaire experts in our Facebook group, livestream Q&A’s and email.

World-Class Mentorship

Spending time with those who are as ambitious as yourself will allow you to grow much more quickly than if you were alone. Meeting likeminded people and getting help from a smart coaching team is another plus, too.

What do my Students and Clients Have to Say?

Here are just a few of the real life case studies that my students have sent me

Just a quick disclaimer:

1.) These are all real, genuine students and clients of mine who share their honest opinion. Nobody has been compensated in any shape or form to send these testimonials.

2.) I can’t 100% guarantee you any results whatsoever. All of these people worked hard and smart for their success and truly deserve their results.

3.) These results are generally only possible if you speak to me or one of my coaches 1 on 1 in a free consultation session so you can get to know our strategy.

“Different to all the others”

Angelique spent tons of money on coaches, courses and books over the past 11 years and finally felt confident enough to get started without being overwhelmed.

“Biggest Deal Ever”

Luciano closed a superb deal that came back to Rene’s Facebook lead-to-close strategy.

“Building up a Brand”

NBA trainer Dribble2Much (who’s trained the likes of Chris Paul, Anthony Davis, and Drake) shares how Rene helped build his brand.

“Scaling up business with paid ads”

Youtuber Josh Paler Lin tells how Rene helped him to sell his Online Course on how to become a Youtuber.

“Rene, the creative mind”

Nick Fitzgerald knows Rene personally and has first-hand experience of working with him.

“New approach at marketing”

Shye & Aishah learned completely new approaches like “equity deals” from Rene that helped to grow their business.


Since we receive a ton of requests daily, we’ve created a process to make it easy as possible to guide new applicants. These are the next steps to get started:

1. You apply for a free consultation call.

Before jumping on a call with us, we’ll ask you to share a few details about your current situation, including your individual goals and challenges. It’s important for both of us to know how we can help you.


2. My business coaches will call to speak with you.

One of my business coaches will call you to discuss  your current situation, the things that you want to accomplish, and what obstacles you might face. This will let us know how we can help you bridge this gap.

3. Rene will personally choose the people who get to join.

Once we get a glimpse of who you are and how you might fit in, our team will decide whether it makes sense to work together. No matter the outcome, you will receive feedback from us what happens next.

Who is Rene Lacad?

You might be wondering, how does a college dropout build multiple companies at age 25?

It all started in 2013…

Rene was attending a local community college, after just barely graduating high school with a 2.1 GPA. He knew instantly that when he got to college something was wrong. The classroom wasn’t a place where he was able to flourish, he decided to dropout and join the workforce to get real world experience.


The first big step came after bouncing around from one oddball job to another. He eventually found himself at a sales position at a Fortune 500 company where he was able to find his first taste of success. He stayed there for a year before something strange happened, he realized that he was beginning to outgrow this position as well, and decided to look for something more fulfilling.


The life changing breakthrough he was looking for came shortly after left his last job. Rene landed a position working for Tai Lopez, a well known entrepreneur and digital marketing pioneer. Here he was able to gain valuable insights for a year and a half. He used this opportunity to absorb knowledge and experience unavailable anywhere else.


He learned the secrets to sales, marketing, human psychology, business and entrepreneurship.

Using this information Rene started his very first company in 2017, a digital marketing agency.

As business began to grow he decided to pursue entrepreneurship full time and by using the power of the Internet and Social Media, he successfully scaled his first business to six and then seven figures.


If you can do it once, you can do it again. That’s exactly what Rene did, he started his second business and quickly got it to six-figures. He believes that if he can do it, anyone can.


Currently Rene’s businesses have grown to over a dozen employees and contractors. He recently started an education company to help teach the skills he learned to other aspiring entrepreneurs.
He says he got into the marketing space because he’s a firm believer that there’s room for creativity in business. The world’s greatest innovators used creative mediums to solve problems that no one else could.

To this day creativity is the catalyst that moves us forward.

Meet my A+ Team

Chief Operating Officer & Coach

Julian Wagner

Julian is going to teach you how to setup your business without having to worry about each detail. He’s a master in automation and hiring.

Design & Branding Guru

Sabin Mujagic

Sabin is our expert in branding and design. He will help you to stand out as a brand and how to make your customers and visitors to remember you.

Mindset Trainer

Ashley Rodriguez

The most underrated part of business success is mindset, that’s why we brought Ashley on board, she has a history of helping people to turn ideas into reality.

Learn More About Me

I get it, you might not know me and trusting strangers is hard. I believe in complete transparency. That’s why you should definitely checkout my socials… I upload new educational content almost everyday on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

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We usually respond to new applicants in 1-2 workdays.

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